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Flying from Motor City, Detroit

The ultra-low-cost airline departs from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW). Filled with plenty of eateries, shops and bars, Detroit is the largest city in the Midwestern state of Michigan. Click a picture at the signature light tunnel, enjoy to music and experience water exhibit.

Detroit Airport

The Detroit Airport is located at 23 miles southwest of downtown. Make your trip easy and seamless with taxi or pre-arrange an airport shuttle. Save your money by adding a rental car when booking your flight ticket. Sign in for free flyer program when you make cheap flight reservations to Detroit and turn all your flights into savings and rewards.

Enjoy top airfares from Detroit

Detroit to Phoenix

Flights from Detroit to Phoenix were available within the past 7 days and start at $47 for one-way flights and for a round-trip.

Prices are subject to change. The flight from Detroit to Phoenix takes around 4 hours. Three weeks out can be the best time to book cheap flights from Detroit to Phoenix. The data also suggests that if your make flight reservation on Sunday, you could save up to 20% on fares.
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Detroit to New York

The flight from Detroit to New York takes around 1 Hours 38 Minutes. Booking in advance can usually help travellers to get the cheapest flight ticket.

December is considered as the peak season to travel from Detroit to New York. Travellers can find the cheapest flight tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
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Detroit to Tampa

The average flight from Detroit to Tampa takes around 2 hours 37 minutes. The cheapest flight from Detroit to Tampa was found 17 days before scheduled departure,

on average. Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be November, December and January.
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Detroit to Atlanta

May is considered as the low season and November is considered as the high season. The distance from Detroit to Atlanta is almost 594 miles.

It takes almost 1 hour 50 minutes.
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Detroit to Dallas

It takes around 3 hours 30 minutes to travel from Detroit to Dallas. January is considered as the cheapest month to fly from Detroit to Dallas.

Detroit to Houston

It takes around 2 hrs 57 mins. from Detroit to visit Houston. Wednesday and Friday prices are also good.

If you want to make your journey budget-friendly then it is suggested to not make flight reservations on Monday. In order to enjoy cheap flight journey, must book flight tickets at least 1-2 weeks before the scheduled departure date.
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Detroit to Cancun

Three weeks out can be the best time to book flights from Detroit to Cancun with most of the airlines.

The data shows that if you wait until Sunday, you could save up to 20% on fares. July is considered as the low season and December is considered as the high season. The cheapest time to Cancun is in December.
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Detroit to Las Vegas

The cheapest time to fly from Detroit to Las Vegas is in October, you can save up to $50.

October is considered as the perfect time to brighten up chilly autumn days. It takes around 4 Hours 27 Minutes to fly from Detroit to Las Vegas. The total distance from Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is 1749 miles. Consider flying out early in the week to save on the airfare. It is reported that Tuesday is the cheapest day to depart, followed by Monday. Saturday showed the highest average flight ticket prices. The cheapest month to fly to Phoenix from Detroit in February.
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Detroit to Orlando

The flight from Detroit to Orlando takes around 2 hours 40 minutes. The total distance from Detroit to Orlando is 1163 miles.

The cheapest time to visit Orlando is in August, saving up to $18. January and February tend to be the most popular month, whereas August is considered as the less popular month
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Detroit to Fort Lauderdale

The flight from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale takes around 3 hours and 12 minutes and the total distance from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale is 1361 miles.

The best time to visit Fort Lauderdale is between December and April. August is considered as the low season whereas December is considered as the high season and the most popular time to fly with an average 18% increase in price.
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Detroit to Denver

Flights from Detroit to Denver takes around 3 Hours 15 Minutes and the total distance is 1268 miles.

August is considered as the low season and best time to beat the crowds with an average 32% drop in price. December is considered as the high season and most popular time to fly with an average 38% increase in price.
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Fly from Detroit (DTT) and get United's best fares

Detroit, the state's largest city, is situated between Lakes Huron and Erie, on the Detroit River's northwest bank, and St. Clair Lake. Downtown Detroit is located at the edge of the water, full of things to do, eateries, shopping centres and fascinating districts. To book tickets to Detroit, get in contact with United airlines reservations or visit the official united airlines website.

Exploring Detroit

The Dearborn Neighborhood has several ethnic districts, including an Arab-American region that offers excellent Middle-eastern dining options, as well as a popular tourist resort with its association with the automotive legend Henrie Ford. The Detroit Zoo is located in the district of Oakland, a suburb known for its excellent caf�s and businesses.

A reflective bending moment of the human artistic creation from earliest cultures to the present-day can be found at the Detroit Institute of Arts. In more than 100 galleries, its permanent collection consists of more than 65,000 works of art. There is also a wide collection of Islamic art with a variety of artworks, including pottery, bronze, stone and other pieces, from the ancient to the modern and an African American art gallery.

The Model T was founded in the Ford Piquette Avenue plant, which revolutionised the automotive business and shaped the future of the transport system. The building is a national historical landmark, which was once the world's most popular car manufacturer. Visitors can stroll through the plant on the used floorboards and admire dozens, including Ford's cars and his competitors, that have beautifully maintained models.

Belle is a Detroit island about three miles long with spectacular beaches, hikers and sports facilities. The Whitcomb Conservatory, which opened in 1904 and contains palms, cacti and desert plants, tropical plants and a lily pond is one of its key characteristics. There are a lot of pleasure on the island, including a ride, rent of bicycles and boats, a giant slider and many swimming holes and walking paths through and around three lakes of the park.

Top sites to visit in Detroit:

Detroit Institute of Arts

Motown Museum

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

Detroit Historical Museum

Henry Ford Estate

Historic Fort Wayne

Belle Isle

Spirit Airlines popular flights from Detroit (DTT)

Detroit is a renaissance city, and has been seen as part of the drastic and rapid transition to the list of the warmest cities in the USA. To book tickets to Detroit, contact Spirit airlines reservations or visit the spirit airlines official website.

What to explore in Detroit?

Motor City is a diverse centre with many choices for accommodation, from trendy retail inns to major hotels with brands. There are lots of opportunities to remain downtown for fans of sport, foodies, shoppers, and art lovers. In winter, Campus Martius Park becomes an ice rink with free entertainment during the year. It is also the location where residents, visitors and even dogs converge at Canine to Five-sponsored activities. It represents perfectly a diversity and innovation-built city.

The focal point of Detroit, the local people's Revival Center - serves as the hub of General Motors' World, with its four brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC.

Take a visit to the seven skyscrapers in the intertwined sky to learn more about the history of this town where you can shop, relax, have a film and enjoy the evening in the third tallest hotel in the western Hemisphere, Detroit Marriott. For wonderful views of the Motor City, you can even stroll along the 3.5-mile River Walk.

Comerica Field is a ballpark, and the museum of baseball. The park is the home of the Detroit Tigers baseball team, the history of which is celebrated in a series of displays around the park. Families can enjoy a fun trip in the carrousel or the Ferris wheel with seats resembling huge baseballs.

The Museum Motown is a small shingle-clad building which was occupied by the "Motown sound" studio. The real studio in which Marvin Gaye and others produced hit singles can be seen by the guests. The memoir of Detroit's past as the home of some of the greatest hits of all time is the history of the recording studio and the historic times.

The Detroit Zoo is based in the residential neighbourhood of Oakland and is known for its high-end cafes and stores. Detroit's East side, known for its marinas, and the fashionable Greater Noni town, with its golf and leisure facilities, are beyond.

Popular tourist attractions in Detroit:

Detroit Institute of Arts

Motown Museum

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

Belle Isle

Detroit Historical Museum

Henry Ford Estate

Historic Fort Wayne

Flyfromdetroit - Frequently Asked Questions

How early do I need to arrive at DTW?

Are you planning to fly with Detroit airlines? If "yes," you are at the right place, we welcome you to get on board with us. If you are ready to fly with Detroit, you need to reach the airport on time.

It would be helpful if you planned to come to the airport 90 minutes before domestic flight departure and 120 minutes before international flights take off. For more details, you can check out the information on the Detroit website or call the experts and confirm your flight schedule and be sure, and you add the timing for security and parking.

So, it's better to come early to the airport than late.

Is Detroit airport shutting down?

As we talk about the shutting down of Detroit airport, so it is a rumor the Willow runs the airport, and Detroit Metropolitan Airport is open and continues its operations.

According to the federal law of the airport, you have to come in proper face masks when you in or on the premises of the airports or a transportation hub.

So, now you can fly with Detroit airlines!

Is the area around Detroit airport safe?

Detroit city airport has its own story. Travelers, if you are flying in other airports, you are safe, nobody will bother you, and nobody will shoot at your plane. So you guys are as safe in Detroit airport as safe in other airports. Even you are safe in the nearby areas of Detroit airport.

So, passengers, without any doubt, you can come to Detroit airport; it's totally safe and taking care of all the precautions at the time of the pandemic. So, go and fly with Detroit!

Are flights delayed in Detroit today?

Want to know your Detroit flight is on-time or delayed due to some reason? Check out the updates on the Detroit website or check out Detroit's status (DTW).

As per the DTW airport updates, the flight arrival time is experiencing traffic and airborne delays of almost 15 minutes or less. So, before booking your flights, get all the details about the flight timings.

Do not worry! You won't get late for your work! Detroit will drop you safely and on-time. Sometimes there can be a delay, but almost we are on -time.

What do airlines fly to Detroit, Michigan?

Want to fly to Detroit, Michigan? Are you probing out for the airlines? So the list of airlines is:

Delta flights

United flights

JetBlue flights

American Airlines flights

Alaska flights

Frontier flights

Southwest flights

Spirit flights

The above airlines will take you to your destination. For more information, get updates on the airline's website. Or call the airline experts.

Why does Detroit have a bad reputation?

Detroit is facing some difficult issues like Poverty, shootings, crime, drugs, and urban blight. As of 2017, Detroit's household income is rising, and the criminal activities are decreasing. So as per the updates, the city's blight removal project is showing significant progress.

So yes, now the reputation of Detroit is getting better, and you can travel now without any fear. So, plan your trip, as Detroit's reputation is not tarnished that it was before 2017; the government made many changes for the passengers.